Pinnacle Beds


We understand that the headboard is not just an addition to the bed - it can be a principal style statement and can play a central role in the overall finished look to the room. We have a selection of headboards, all of which can be upholstered in a fabric of your choice to compliment the room d├ęcor.


All headboard heights measured above mattress
or topper unless otherwise stated.

1.P-TALL // 200cm from the floor. 200cm total height.
Split vertically in two pieces.
2.P-CF5 // 71cm.
3.P-CF2 // 71cm.
4.P-MF32 // 100cm
at centre point.

However, as we make all of the headboards in our own workshop, we can also manufacture to your designs or work with you to produce a finished piece that reflects your flair. We can vary heights, widths and depths, fillings from cotton pad to horsehair and buttoned, paneled and plain finishes. Please ask for further details and pricing.

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