Pinnacle Beds


Pinnacle Beds is part of the Savoir Beds Group, and was set up to focus exclusively on the needs of interior designers and the contract sector, providing a more budget conscious option for residential guest rooms and hotels. Savoir Beds was originally created to supply what was, in 1905, the world’s most luxurious hotel.

Our famous No.2 is often simply called “The Savoy Bed” in recognition of its place in the history of this great institution, and when refurbished in 2010 The Savoy once again saw our beds go into the Royal Suite and top riverside suites. We were part of the hotel for over 60 years, until 1997, and this heritage gives us a unique insight into the requirements of a hotel. Knowing the very demanding nature of the hotel industry and its economics, Savoir Beds decided to create the Pinnacle Collection.

Designed with all our experience in mind, Pinnacle Beds deliver a fabulous feel, with a level of quality that will stand the test of time. All this comes with the peace of mind that only a naturally filled product can bring. In addition to the Pinnacle collection covered in this booklet, we are of course famous for our handcrafted Savoir Beds collection which retail internationally through our exclusive showrooms and are available for use in hotels as well as private residences.

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